Android Developer Challenge 2 winners announced, makes for a convenient shopping list

9:24 AM Edited by Blony

Google just wrapped up the second coming of its festive Android Developer Challenge, an invitation to all comers to submit awesome apps in exchange for cash prizes (a whopping $100,000 for winners in each category, plus $150,000 for the overall champion). What made ADC 2 an especially exciting event was the fact that Google turned voting over to the public with a special ADC app giving users access to nominees' binaries, so the winners that you see here weren't selected by a hand-picked group of VIPs alone -- votes from around the world got factored into the results. It's a great opportunity for users to find out about some of the best apps available to the Android community right now, and there are some doozies in here -- we're particularly amped about SweetDreams and Andrometer, but judging from the icons alone, we're in for a wild ride across the board.

Via Android Developers Blog