Maine mulling cancer warning labels on cellphones, manufacturers mulling warning label on Maine

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The debate on whether mobile phones are slowly turning us into a world of ailment-riddled weaklings rages on in the scientific community, but at least one state may be ready to step up the ominous, non-actionable warnings anyway. A representative in Maine has apparently persuaded her colleagues to let her bring up a proposal during January's session of the state legislature that would require warnings on devices about the alleged link between RF emissions and brain cancer, strongly advising users to keep the devices away from their heads and bodies. At best, this seems premature, and at worst, it runs a risk of breeding a nation of 24 / 7 Bluetooth headset users -- but the politician responsible for the movement seems to have it figured out: she holds her own phone away from her head while using it and turns it off unless she's expecting a call. Could someone in her district please let us know what kind of archaic voice-only device she's using?

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  1. Mat said...

    do people still talk on the phone? I wouldn't want something that has as much computing power as my droid does anywhere near my brain. We text and if it's a must, we use speakerphone. Maybe I'm weird, but I hardly ever use the voice call ability of my droid.