Nokia sprouting a second SIM slot in 2010

5:03 AM Edited by Blony

Russia and China have both made it very clear that they like their dual-SIM phones -- in most of Europe and the Americas, they're little more than a novelty, but in the Far East they've become a unique market need driven by the way local carriers work and the average buyer's usage model. LG, Samsung, and Moto have all succumbed to the trend, so why not Nokia? Sure enough, we're hearing from none other than industry heavyweight Eldar Murtazin who confirmed with a local Nokia exec that dual-SIM is in the cards come Q2 2010 in the "mid tier" segment. In other words, don't expect an N900 with a second SIM slot conveniently under the battery, but more likely a high-function Series 40 type of device. And hey, look, we know it wouldn't go over too well with carriers here, but we can think of plenty of times where we'd have loved to be able to flick from AT&T to T-Mobile or vice versa -- so go ahead, Nokia, sell these in your flagship stor... ah, wait.

Via PhoneArena