Verizon’s HTC Desire shows up in the… dark

1:15 AM Edited by Blony

When Verizon and Google announced that they would launch several Android phones, they presented the Motorola Droid and an unnamed HTC handset. Well, this HTC handset seems to be the HTC Desire, which has just appeared in a leaked photo.

Details are scarce at the moment, but the Desire is probably similar in features with Sprint’s HTC Hero, which is already available (for $179.99 on contract).

It’s said that the Desire is “extremely fast” and it uses HTC’s Sense UI (on top of Android, of course). No word yet on when Verizon will announce the handset, but this should happen pretty soon. Until then, here’s the HTC Desire in all its (darkened) glory:

Together with the Motorola Droid (confirmed by Moto) and Motorola Calgary, Verizon will soon have three brand new Android phones – and that’s great news.

Via UV