Official Disney iPhone app available now

1:12 AM Edited by Blony

An official Disney iPhone app was released today by Walt Disney Co. and is available to all iPhone and iPod touch users, via iTunes.

The Disney app is free and comes with a feature called ”Click2Life” – this offers bonus animations and wallpapers to users who visit Disney’s official website and take photos of famous characters from movies like ‘Ratatouille,” ”Wall-E”, ”G-Force” and ”Up”.

The new app also includes other 17 Disney-related applications.

Disney plans to allow bonus content to be provided based on the users’ location (using GPS coordinates, of course).

According to Jason Davis, vice president of, “the main purpose of the app was to deepen fan relationships with Disney characters, rather than just drive traffic to stores, theaters and online.”

Disney said that the new iPhone app has nothing to do with its ”Keychest” technology that’s currently being developed with the purpose of providing “access to movies across multiple devices with one purchase.”

Via NY Times