Samsung to make 100 million touchscreen phones in 2010, 65% of them with capacitive screens

7:32 PM Edited by Blony

We recently told you that Samsung plans to sell about 270 million phones in 2010, and it looks like 100 million of those will be touchscreen handsets.

According to Telecoms Korea and a Shinhan Investment report, Samsung should ship about 57 million touhcscreen phones by the end of 2009, and it plans to almost double this number in 2010 to reach the aforementioned 100 million mark.

65% of Samsung’s touchscreen phones sold in 2010 should have capacitive displays, notes the report.

LG also intends to ship more touchscreen handsets next year, but only 20% of them will have capacitive screens.

Both Samsung and LG have touchscreen phones that were sold at record paces this year: the Samsung Star, pictured above (10 million units until now), and the LG Cookie (more than 5 million units). Interestingly, both the Star and the Cookie have resistive touchscreen displays, not capacitive.

Via Telecoms Korea