Nokia answers back: Symbian stays, so does Maemo

7:44 AM Edited by Blony

Just a couple of days ago Maemo team suggested Nokia has plans to ditch Symbian as an OS of choice for its N-series devices in favor of Maemo. Nokia however have something to say on the matter as well.

At a Maemo event in London, on November 18 2009, the Maemo marketing team shared with some journalists that as of 2012 Nokia will only rely on the Maemo OS for its N-series lineup.

Yesterday, the guys from the Nokia blog contacted some Nokia representatives and you can tell by their answer Nokia didn't like the fuss surrounding the matter. They stated that the words of the Maemo marketing team are "premature". When it comes to choosing an OS, Nokia deems Symbian as more suitable for mainstream smartphones, while Maemo will be used only on powerful high-end productivity devices.

Those words however neither confirm nor deny what has been said the other day. One thing is for sure though: there are more Maemo smartphone/tablets coming and N900 is only the first device of its breed. To see Maemo in action, just take a look at the Nokia N900 preview we posted yesterday.

Via thenokiablog