Major Samsung S8000 Jet firmware update now available

7:56 AM Edited by Blony


We have some great news for the owners of Samsung S8000 Jet: there is a new firmware update for the Jet bringing lots of goodies for your phone. As it turned out it's been a while since it first showed up but most probably many of you (we as well) have missed it.

So much has been changed thanks to the S8000XEII2 firmware! The Samsung S8000 Jet now has a a different 3D Cube background as well as some new widgets (Twitter, MySpace and Facebook). The TouchWiz UI is similar to the one we've seen in Samsung M8910 Pixon12: you can rearrange the main menu icons.

According to some Jet owners who have already tried out the new firmware (thanks, Andrew!), the phone now feels much zippier. The WebKit-based Dolphin web browser has also been improved and so has been the media browser. Thumbnails are now loaded much faster and scrolling speed is increased, however, viewing images is a bit slower (opening an image takes a second or two more).

Volume rocker is no longer used for zooming in/out but for scrolling through web pages.

The media player has been revamped as well: the new firmware brings along landscape view support to the Samsung S8000 Jet so that the music player interface now reminds of iPhone's Cover Flow.

As you can see, there is much to tell about the latest firmware of the Jet and maybe much more that hasn't been noticed yet. Share your impressions in the comments section.

And one more thing, since the update function of the latest PC Studio application is still in beta (read: doesn't work) to download the S8000XEII2 firmware just follow that link (a quick free registration is required).

Via Darkforestgroup