LG Promises Another Watchphone in 2010

6:17 PM Edited by Blony

The mobile community was blown away at last year’s CES when LG daftly showed off its new creation, the GD910 watchphone. With touchscreen and bluetooth capability (not to mention way-too-high pricetag), it pioneered an onslaught of several watchphones to come to market in 2009.

Now LG would like to do it again. The company announced Thursday that there would no doubt be more styles of the innovative watchphone coming out in 2010. While no other details were unsurprisingly announced, it was interesting to note that LG mentioned additional styles in the plural instead of singular.

So what does CES 2010 have in store for the mobile community? Perhaps not just one watchphone, but several.

LG also offered further confirmation on Thursday that there are several new Android touchscreen devices in the works and will be out in 2010, including a little brother to the GW620 (aka Etna). This particular handset is rumored to contain Snapdragon as well as be a touchscreen-only device.

via AndroidCommunity