GSM Palm Pre Coming to North America November 27

6:18 PM Edited by Blony

. So a Palm Pre is finally coming in GSM flavors to North America. Specifically, it’s coming to Mexico’s Telcel on November 27.

I know many people were hoping to hear it would be coming to the US, but no such luck as of yet. At this point, the best option is now to find one sold in Mexico under Telcel and is now unlocked. Who knows how much that option will cost, but it’s the only way to get one here in the States.

But if it’s coming to Mexico, there’s a very good chance we’ll see it in a neighboring country sometime in the near future. Don’t hold your breath on it because there’s a lot of wishful thinking in that statement, but it would certainly be nice.

Of course, now that we’re seeing the Palm Pixi for sale here in the US on Sprint, the Pre seems a little outdated; too outdated for most people to even care.

via Engadget