AT&T May be Prepping $99 iPhone 3GS

10:25 AM Edited by Blony

Boy Genius revived an old rumor again today, with not one but two sources to back the claim up. Generally the more sources there are, the more reliable the claim. The old rumor was that an 8 GB iPhone 3GS was on its way to replace out the 3G model; from what it sounds like, this could be happening before the holidays hit.

It seems more realistic now than when the rumor surfaced previously, mainly because now AT&T is concerned about the buzz around the Motorola Droid being comparable to the iPhone. A move like this would certainly continue to give the competitive edge to Apple and AT&T for now.

My thoughts: it’s about time. The holidays can’t come soon enough. My concern is, though, that only AT&T is rumored to be making the leap at this point. Are other iPhone carriers planning on releasing the 8 GB version of the 3GS as well?

Ultimately my dream would be for the 16 GB 3GS to drop in price to $99, and have a 64 GB iPhone 3GS come out just before the holidays at the $299 price point. But I’ll settle for an 8 GB in 3GS flavor for now.