The Vodafone App Star competition – €100,000 for the best 360 widgets

2:13 AM Edited by Blony

Yesterday, Vodafone unveiled its brand new 360 services, as well as two LiMo-based Samsung phones (H1 and M1) that will be launched with the 360 platform.

The giant mobile carrier has also announced the App Star competition, which has a combined prize fund of €1,000,000.

Vodafone is searching for “the most innovative and useful mobile widgets” compatible with the new 360 platform and it’s ready to offer up to €100,000 to two developers of the best widgets.

The App Star competition will have two phases: the first one is open now, while the second one will debut in 2010. To enter the competition, visit this website.

The submitted apps must be based on the JIL (Joint Innovation Lab) Software Developer Kit – you can get it from here.

Unfortunately, you can only enter the competition if you’re in the UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal or Greece.

Via Press release