Verizon’s rugged Motorola Barrage V860 shows up

2:10 AM Edited by Blony

Not long after the Samsung Omnia II i920, another unannounced phone for Verizon has showed up: the Motorola Barrage V860.

Unlike the Omnia II, the Motorola Barrage is a rugged, push-to-talk clamshell phone.

It will come in two versions: with and without a 2MP camera. Other specs include external music controls, GPS, 2.5mm headset jack and MicroSD card support.

This is what the Motorola Barrage V860 looks like:

No word yet on when Verizon will launch the V860, and neither for what price (it will probably be a bit more expensive than the recently-launched Motorola Entice W766).

Via Phone Arena


  1. Anonymous said...

    I purchased one on the release day which was 10/1/09 from Verizon't Telesales and online purchasing with release in stores slated for mid. November. Heealthy battery life, good but simple user interface and certainly looks like it will withstand the elements. I am awaiting a replacement since the one I received has a short circuit in the earpiece and buzzes when the volume is midrange or louder. I anxiously await a replacement.