Telus Launching HSPA Nov 5; iPhone is on the List

7:33 PM Edited by Blony

When we last mentioned that Telus would be upgrading its network to a full HSPA+ spread in November, we had no idea when exactly during the month we would see it. Finally we know.

The magic date is November 5. This particular day will welcome not only the new network but several handsets to support that network with it.

Among the most notable of handsets is the iPhone 3G and 3GS, launching for the same exact price as on Rogers ($99, 199, 299 for 8 GB 3G, 16 GB 3GS and 32 GB 3GS, respectively).

In addition to the highlighted phone, we also have a great supporting cast: the HTC Hero, LG New Chocolate (BL40), Blackberry 9700 and Nokia E71, as well as a USB laptop card.

Not too shabby for an opening launch, Telus; not too shabby at all. We hope you can have all the bugs worked out of such a huge day before it actually happens.

Via Telus