iPhone App Store Reaches 100,000 Apps

7:36 PM Edited by Blony

We all knew it was just a matter of time before the milestone was reached, but several app analytics sites are reporting the number of apps that have been approved for use in the App Store have surpassed 100,000.

There hasn’t been any official announcement from Apple yet, though it is possible we could hear something from them at any time about this. It seems a hefty enough milestone to at least mention somewhere.

Naturally this is a great deal ahead of any other mobile OS out there, by an astronomically large margin. Given the fact that most other platforms based their app stores on the one found on the iPhone, this is no surprise by any means.

But it is something worth celebrating. The fact that there are so many different apps available to allow you to customize your iPhone virtually any possible way you’d like, is what makes the iPhone so unique and has brought in such a large and loyal following around the world.

Is there a ceiling to how many apps can be supported in the App Store? It’ll be interesting to see the evolution of the Store over the coming years.

via Mobile Entertainment