Nokia’s Ovi Store Enables Re-downloads

2:00 AM Edited by Blony

When you buy a piece of software (or any product, for that matter) you’d like to feel as though you’re able to keep it for as long as you need it, regardless of where you go or what device you use. But until recently Nokia had a different philosophy for anything purchased through the Ovi Store.

It used to be that any purchase made in the Ovi Store would be limited to one download only and could not be transferred to another Nokia device.

That’s why we were happy to discover the Ovi Store has changed the policy in version 1.05 to allow for free re-downloads of any purchases previously made, at least for selected content. There are still limitations, of course, but we like to see Nokia taking an extra effort to ensure the most fair policies are in place.

Here are the limitations:

* Your device must have the Ovi Store client version 1.05 (271) or above installed; granted, any purchases made pre-1.05 can be transferred to any device with 1.05. * Currently only selected content can be re-downloaded; around a third of all content is re-downloadable. * Several maintenance updates in the next day or two may allow more content to be included in this policy.

Nokia users, check it out and let us know how well it’s working for you. AllAboutSymbian successfully tested 1.05 on the N97, E55, N86, 5800 and E75, so we know those devices will work for sure.

Your Ovi Store should offer automatic upgrades to the new client version, but if it does not you can steer your browser to to download it.

via AllAboutSymbian