Average pone thickness now below 14mm; other interesting statistics from Strategy Analytics

1:59 AM Edited by Blony

Strategy Analytics has issued a report regarding the new phones introduced worldwide in July 2009, and there are some interesting statistics in it.

For example: the average thickness for the new phones has dropped below 14 millimeters.

There were 109 new cell phones announced across the globe in July, but detailed specifications are available for only 53 of them. Nine of the mentioned 53 phones have WVGA (800 x 480 pixels) displays, while six of them are AMOLED-equipped handsets made by Samsung – the Samsung S8000 Jet (pictured below) is probably included here.

21% of the phones have HSDPA, while 13% also feature HSUPA. Moreover, memory cards are supported by 87% of the handsets and USB support has a 85% penetration – “a new high”. Also, the average talk-time has now reached 343 minutes (5.7 hours).

Via Strategy Analytics