Samsung Makes the Fashionable Corby Official

5:34 AM Edited by Blony

Last month Samsung gave us the B3310, a QWERTY social networking handset for those who want to ’stand out’, but those challenging looks will turn as many off as they will on, so what’s Samsung to do in these fashion-conscious days? That’s right, announce a real fashion phone of course!

The S3650 Corby is Samsung’s affordable touchscreens3650 mobile phone, and looks to be targeting the LG Cookie’s audience. The phone weighs just 93 grams and is only 12mm thick, however the screen is a sizable 2.8″ and is a capacitive item, something we rarely see on any device, let alone a mid-range one! The attractive chassis is complimented by interchangeable rear panels called Fashion Jackets, which are available in a variety of colours from startling pink and yellow to the more restrained white and black. You’ll get two in the box to start your collection off.

On the feature side things are a little less interesting, with a 2 megapixel camera, Samsung’s MP3 and video player, an FM RDS radio, memory expansion and Bluetooth v2.1 being the standouts. Social networking is covered by easy access and updating of the main sites, including Facebook and Twitter. It’s the familiar TouchWiz user interface powering the Corby, but it will have some fun tweaks to make the phone more attractive to younger users.

The S3650 is scheduled for release later this month in Europe, which we take to include the UK too. Much as we like its cute looks and capacitive touchscreen, it’s only a 2G phone, and the recently announced Nokia 5230Nokia 5230 is 3G plus it has the funky rear panels too. Price will be the decider, but as the Nokia is expected to be a bit of a bargain, the Corby is going to have to make a very big deal out of its winning looks!