Mobile Phone Teen Tracking

5:53 AM Edited by Blony

With studies shouting about how modern students are utterly incapable, inescapably dependent on their electronic assistants, it’s nice to see some companies forcing teens to live without hardware. Of course that’s not their intent. American companies like AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint are offering “Family locator” phone services where parents can track a mobile phone’s location - meaning many modern teens will learn what it’s like to leave them at home. The word of the day is of course “safety” but believing that requires trust, open communication, and the understanding that you can’t control every single second of your child’s life. Not qualities usually found in people who fit their children with what are effectively tracking collars. It’s possibly to set the phone to notify the user every time it’s located, which might make it possible to have this emergency measure without having your kid feel all 1984ed, but a parent strong enough to resist the urge to ring their child every commercial break probably doesn’t need Google to watch their kids for them to begin with. Expect to see this service coming soon.

Via Tennessean