Report on Radioactive Phones Stirs Up Cancer Controversy Again

8:22 PM Edited by Blony

. Do mobile phones cause cancer? This question is something that researchers, the media and consumers have been asking since mobile phones were first created. In all of that time, there have been no conclusive reports that mobile phones are related to cancer of any kind. And yet, people continue to ask the question. A new report ranking the radioactive absorption of consumers of certain phones is causing that controversial question to get circulated yet again.

The report comes from an environmental group called The Environmental Working Group (or EWG). Although the group readily admits that there have been no conclusive links found between cancer and cell phone use, they insist that it’s best for customers to be informed about possible radiation coming from their mobile phones. As such they’ve released a report ranking over 1000 phones in regards to their radioactivity levels.

What the report measures is specific absorption rate (SAR). This is a measure of just how much radiation is absorbed by the body during a call to the network when placed using the phone that is being tested. The report proves nothing in regards to the danger of mobile phone use; even the highest-ranked phones are not linked with cancer causation. However, the list can tell you which phones are least likely to cause you to absorb radiation during use if cancer continues to be something that you’re concerned about when using your cell phone.

Samsung seems to be a company to buy from if you have these concerns. Five of the ten phones that rank at the bottom of the radioactive list (meaning they have the lowest SAR) all come from Samsung (the Impression, the Rugby, the Propel Pro, the Gravity and the Samsung SGH-t229). Meanwhile, not a single Samsung phone made the top ten for highest SAR. In addition to choosing a low-radiation mobile phone, you can further reduce your exposure to radiation by reducing talk time, using texting instead of talking and using hands-free devices with your phone

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