Palm Announce the Pixi, Remain Silent on Euro Pre

8:24 PM Edited by Blony

September 9th, Palm have announced their second webOS mobile phone, the Pixi, a model we have previously seen and knew under the name of the Eos. Palm have put the slider design of the Pre aside for the Pixi and revisited the style for which it is best known, the QWERTY candybar and this time it’s a 99 gram, 10mm thick beauty! Something which you may not immediately notice is the lack of any control method, i.e. a trackball or D-pad, and that’s because the Pixi is still a touchscreen phone and takes advantage of the gesture area below the screen for improved navigation, just like the Pre.

With such an extensive redesign and an approach that Palm claim is to entice younger users to the brand, the Pixi’s specification has changed from the Pre, which has now taken on the role of their flagship device. The Pixi’s screen measures 2.6″ in size against the Pre’s 3.1″, it has a 2 megapixel camera instead of the 3.2 megapixel item found in its big brother and perhaps the most important omission of all; no Wi-Fi. Otherwise things remain the same, with 8GB of internal memory, GPS, a 3.5mm jack plug, A2DP Bluetooth and 3G. The lack of Wi-Fi is made up by including an EVDO Rev.A high speed connection for use on the Sprint network in the USA.

As we’ve seen from other manufacturers - as recently as yesterday - the apparent key, in their minds at least, to attracting a young audience is to provide interchangeable covers, and Palm will indeed be offering limited edition, artist-designed rear panels for the Pixi.

So, the USA have their second webOS phone announced, but there is still no word as to the official release date of the Pre in Europe. Palm’s projected on-sale date for the Pixi is the stated as being ‘in time for the holidays’ and again, it will be exclusive to Sprint.

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