Nokia N900/ RX51/ Rover previewed way ahead of launch

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. Everyone who is interested already knows about Nokia N900/RX51/Rover Maemo 5 based smartphone that will soon be announced by Nokia. There have been enough leaks with the device already.

But most of them were the pictures of the switched off device and some pictures of Maemo 5 UI from software SDK.

Well, got their hands on this Nokia Maemo 5 device, played with it for a few months and now decided to share a bit of info about it with us.

Well, MR was kind enough not to ruin Nokia World announcement completely, so except from the pictures they’ve left most of the specs and details out. What we can find out about Nokia N900/RX51/Rover device is that:

* resistive 800×400 px display
* Maemo Freemantle OS
* 5 megapixel camera, just like in N97
* unconverted video playback
* hotswap microSD up to 32GB,
* 32GB of built-in user memory
* battery 1320 Amh, stand-by similar to N97, working time significantly lower, but it’s prototype so that might change
* ARM Cortex-A8 CPU (they explicitly not disclosing speed and RAM size)
* microUSB charging, TV-Out

Then there’s impressions of the performance of the device:

* Many visual effects, good touch screen reaction – very different from N97, much more closer to iPhone
* but it’s not a copy of iPhone UI, looks&feels very different
* it’s also very different then anything Nokia had before
* browser – stable, supports flash, video, applets
* partial compatibility with old apps – something works, something’s not
* kinetic scrolling
* today it’s the most powerful device on the market, with pleasant and functional interface
* will ship in Q4, for 550 EUR

Not much, I know, but they give us tons of pictures of the device and interface. Here’s some more of them:

For the rest, head to Mobile-Review, there’s almost a hundred of them there.

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