AT&T getting the Garmin Asus Nuvifone M20 too?

7:10 AM Edited by Blony

It looks like AT&T will soon launch not one, but two Nuvifones: Garmin Asus G60 (of which we already heard about), and the Garmin Asus M20.

The info doesn’t come from AT&T, but from a Garmin Asus representative who, during M20’s release in Taiwan, said that the device “is destined for AT&T in the US.”

Unlike the Nuvifone G60, which will apparently be marketed as a Personal Navigation Device (PND) with phone and Web capabilities, the Nuvifone M20 is a true Windows Mobile 6.1 smartphone that comes with built-in GPS and advanced navigation features.

For example, the M20 includes Connected Services (a suite of Web-based applications that offer “location intelligence to navigation, phone and browser functions”), and a LBS app called Ciao!.

The M20 (available on pre-order in Poland) also features a 2.8 inch VGA touchscreen display, Wi-Fi, HSDPA, push email, 3MP camera and 4/8GB of internal memory.

In Taiwan, the price of Nuvifone M20 is of around $545 (unlocked), so AT&T might sell it for under $200 on contract. Unfortunately, there’s no word yet on when the US carrier plans to release the smartphone.

Via Pocket-lint