Samsung Omnia HD i8910 now with 1GHz processor?

5:28 AM Edited by Blony

Two of Samsung’s phones from its 2009 line-up, the Symbian S60 Omnia HD i8910 and the Windows Mobile 6.1 Omnia PRO B7320, have been presented today in India, and they’ll probably be available to Indian customers in the next few days.

What’s surprising is that the Samsung Omnia HD i8910 for India apparently has a 1GHz processor, instead of a 600Mhz one, like the Omnia HD announced by Samsung earlier this year and already available in Europe.

Well, at least that’s what the specs sheet from the press event where the phone was announced says:

We don’t know yet if the 1GHz processor will be included only in the Indian i8910, or if Samsung plans to launch an upgraded version of the handset in other countries too.

The Omnia HD will be available in India for 33,990 INR ($705). The Omnia Pro B7320 (pictured above) will obviously cost less: 16,500 INR ($342).

Via Samsung Hub