Samsung Honey Bubble is neither honey nor bubble

7:52 AM Edited by Blony

At some point, every form factor will have been explored, every phone will be capable of transferring data faster than we can consume it, and every possible non-silly combination of words will have been used to create model names. Amazingly, we think we might be approaching that apocalyptic point, because Samsung's "Honey Bubble" slider crossed the wires in the past few days. Yes, that's right: Honey Bubble. The camera's only 2 megapixels, but like virtually all Korean domestic models, it's at least got a T-DMB tuner, media player, and Bluetooth -- and a positively unforgettable name, for better or worse. No word on availability, but our understanding is that you'll be able to pay for it in gumdrops and children's laughter.

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