Facebook 3.0 submits to the Apple Iphone App Store

7:45 AM Edited by Blony

Celebrations abound but extra prayers are needed. The Apple App store has had Facebook 3.0 submitted. We know what a roller-coaster ride the approval to the App Store can be with some Apps being issued publishing permission only to have the App removed at a later date. Hopefully none of this befalls the new Facebook 3.0 and its new fifteen (yes, you heard clearly, fifteen) positively new features. Prior to listing the good news however, I should point out that unfortunately Push Notifications is not one of them. However, moving on swiftly from that small disappointment let us real off the new features.

* A new home screen enabling search, access to your stuff and your notifications
* Linked comments to your notifications
* Notes
* Create new photo albums
* Saving of typed messages if you quit or are interrupted by a phone call
* Like
* Zoom photos
* The “new” News Feed
* Call or text people direct from your Friends page
* Events including RSVP ability
* Easy photo tagging
* Pages
* Direct upload of photos to albums
* Profile Picture albums
* Homescreen favourites to profiles and pages