Vodafone Marches into iPhone Speculation

1:59 AM Edited by Blony

Over the past couple of weeks reports have been surfacing that Orange and/or T-Mobile in the UK are set to bag themselves the iPhone 3G and end O2's exclusivity on the handset. Well now another major British network has waded into the speculation. Vodafone's CFO Andy Halford has commented that Vodafone would be interested in selling the iPhone in more of its markets. At the moment Vodafone sells the iPhone in 11 markets across the world, but not in Germany or the UK where T-Mobile and O2 retain exclusive rights respectively. T-Mobile in the UK are even reported to be looking at importing unlocked iPhones to help stem the flow of customers leaving for the iPhone on O2. It's already widely accepted that O2's exclusivity over the older iPhone handset is set to end, the real question now is who will manage to get a slice of the pie ...

Via Mobile Today