Vertu To Release All Carbon Fiber Handset

1:49 AM Edited by Blony

Handsets come in many shapes and sizes but these days consumers have more raw materials to chose from than ever before. Everything from plastic to titanium construction occupies store shelves and now Luxury mobile phone brand Vertu plans to release a handset crafted entirely of carbon fiber.

Calling this new handset the Ascent Ti Carbon Fiber, its construction is of a material best known in motorsports and aerospace industries for its unsurpassed strength-to-weight ratio.

Vertu, owned by Finnish handset giant Nokia, said the new handset is tested to ensure the fibers and resin are processed to achieve a uniform look on both the flat and curved surfaces. A diagonal rib design is achieved by using a twill carbon fiber weave process.

The handset also has a sapphire crystal screen and a chassis made of non-corrosive high-grade titanium.

The Vertu Ascent Ti Carbon Fiber will be available in August, price not yet finalized.

Via mobile-weblog