PurpleRa1n jailbreak for iPhone 3GS now out, unlocking begins

8:11 AM Edited by Blony

Yes, it's what iPhone 3GS users have all been waiting for - a jailbreak for the new iPhone 3GS. Geohot, who has been involved with iPhone hacking from day one, has now releases the PurpleRa1n jailbreak utility for iPhone 3GS running 3.0 firmware.

As iPhone users, you should already know that "jailbreaking" is the process of gaining full access to the iPhone OS allowing for various modifications such as unofficial third-party apps and skinning and theming.

The jailbreak is also the first step to finding a way for unlocking the iPhone for use on unauthorized GSM networks.

PurpleRa1n, the utility made by Geohot works on only iPhone 3GS devices running firmware version 3.0. Apple have seemingly closed the vulnerability used in the 3.1 firmware, so if you've got your hands on the beta of the new 3.1, you shouldn't really use it.

To jailbreak your iPhone 3GS you need Windows OS (lower than ver. 7), the latest iTunes installed (and opened!) and the PurpleRa1n utility. Mac support is also coming soon.

Geohot however warns that this tool is still beta and some issues are still not out of the question. Users around the globe confirmed that it works for them and even installs Cydia.

Once that you've got your jailbreak done, you can then use the ultrasn0w utility from Cydia to unlock it. According to the iPhone Dev Team it should work flawlessly for the 3GS as it did for the iPhone 3G.

Bear in mind though that updating to firmware 3.1, which should become available soon, will most surely close both exploits used for jailbreaking and unlocking so always consult the Devs blog before updating.

Via iphonejtag