Nokia Phones Shoot Noisettes Music Video

8:15 AM Edited by Blony

Who said the Nokia N95 was dead? Certainly not us! To prove there’s life in the old phone yet, the N95 has been used to shoot the music video to accompany indie rock band the Noisettes upcoming single ‘Saturday Night’. Just to clarify, that’s the Noisettes, not a Whigfield comeback.

Nokia invited 70 fans to the video shoot and equipped them with 5800 XpressMusic’s, which they then used to record crowd-based footage, leaving the job of filming the band to the N95’s. This was achieved by using 64 phones, all installed on a multi-armed machine nicknamed ‘the transformer’ and judging by the pictures, it was quite a beast!

The finished video won’t be out until September, but it will be fascinating to see the images captured by the Nokia phones. This is the first time a music video has been shot in the UK using solely mobile phones and was done in part as promotion for the launch of the 5800 XpressMusic Comes with Music edition on Orange.

This isn’t the first time mobile phones have been used to film a music video. Australian rockers The Presidents of the United States of America used Sony Ericsson phones, and a similar contraption as the Noisettes to hold them, to shoot the clever video for their 2005 song Some Postman.

Via Mobile phone blog