O2 Xda Venn launched – a British Pantech Matrix Pro

6:21 AM Edited by Blony

O2 UK has just launched a new smartphone from its Xda series – the Xda Venn.

The Venn is actually a rebranded version of the Pantech Matrix Pro, which is already available in the US, via AT&T.

Coming with Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard on board, O2 Xda Venn features two sliding keypads: an alphanumeric and a full QWERTY one.

The smartphone is a bit bulky, measuring 21mm in thickness, but at least it looks pretty good:

Its main specs include

* GSM and HSDPA connectivity
* 2.4 inch QVGA display
* Wi-Fi
* Bluetooth
* 2MP camera

The price of Xda Venn is not known, but it looks like you can buy one from O2 UK’s website.

Via Cool Smartphone