O2, Movistar officially launching the GSM Palm Pre in Europe

10:21 AM Edited by Blony

Palm has just announced that Telefonica’s subsidiaries O2 and Movistar will be the exclusive Palm Pre carriers in four European countries.

More exactly, O2 will sell the Pre in the UK, Ireland and Germany, while Movistar will offer it in Spain.

This confirms all the rumors that we’ve heard until now regarding O2 UK’s Pre exclusivity.

Palm didn’t say when exactly the Pre will hit Europe, but this should happen “in time for the holidays”. Most probably, that means sometime in the fourth quarter of 2009, so it looks like there won’t be any GSM Pre released this summer.

No word yet about the launch of Palm Pre in other European markets than the ones mentioned above. However, it’s highly probable that the WebOS smartphone will reach most of Europe’s countries before the end of 2009.

Via Palm