NEC to re-launch phones outside Japan, probably in Europe

10:26 AM Edited by Blony

NEC, the third-largest Japanese phone manufacturer, plans to re-launch its handsets outside Japan, as early as 2010.

The company sold phones in Europe and China until 2007, when losses made it re-think its strategy. Since then, NEC phones are only commercialized in Japan. However, since the demand in Japan fell 29% this year, NEC now wants to try its luck abroad once again.

It’s not clear yet in what markets NEC will start shipping phones, but, according to Reuters, a company spokesman said that Europe is a possibility.

The Japanese manufacturer plans to sell at least 1 million handsets overseas, for an average price of $300.

Sharp, one of NEC’s main competitors, also intends to release smartphones in Europe – its goal is to sell 4 million devices outside Japan this year.

Via UV