LG Unveils Low-end Stylish Phone

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In an attempt to cover all segments of the market, LG has launched an entry-level, fashion-conscious mobile phone - the LG KG376.

Characterized by a clamshell form factor, purple colours, pink tribal designs, and a small vertical LED, the KG376 will offer basic components for actual use. The phone measures 85,9x45x19,8mm and weighs 73g.

The device will indeed belong to the lowest segment of the market: besides having a single internal 1,5" display with 128x128 pixels and 65k colours, the KG376 has 1MB only of memory, with no support for expandable memory; the phone also has a 750mAh battery which provides it with 250 hours of standby time and 3 hours of talk time.

The amount of memory included will allow one to solely store few contacts, messages, and calendar entries. Storage of music files is unlikely, although the phone does have stereo FM radio support to compensate for this.

It is unknown the regional support of this particular device, but our source - which hasn't found pricing or availability details - is based in the Netherlands, which points to a European release.

Via Phonereport


  1. Teal said...

    Love this stylish looking LG KG376 phone... It has great features. I like it's color!!