Vodafone’s Samsung Blade is an S5600 remake

5:56 AM Edited by Blony

. Known under various names across Europe (Samsung Preston, Samsung Halley or Samsung Player), the S5600 is offered by Vodafone in a slightly different version and, obviously, with a new name: Samsung Blade.

The Blade appears on Vodafone Spain’s official website, and it seems that it’s already available for purchase – free on select plans.

Samsung Blade has specs similar to the ones of the S5600 (HSDPA, 2.8 QVGA touchscreen display, 3.2MP camera), but its d-pad is different, looking like a precious stone.

Another interesting Samsung phone recently launched by Vodafone is the high-end Jet S8000, which is available only in the UK for the moment.

Via UV