Samsung Innovation Quest 2009 debuts, asks you to develop widgets for the Omnia HD

5:54 AM Edited by Blony

. Samsung has recently announced the details for its Innovation Quest (IQ) 2009 competition, which will end on August 14.

By that date, participants must create a Samsung Mobile Widget for the Omnia HD i8910 smartphone (pictured below), which runs on Symbian S60 5th Edition and at the same time uses the Samsung TouchWiz UI.

Samsung and Symbian are offering quite tempting prizes for the competition’s winners: £15,000 for the first place, £8,000 for the second place, and £5,000 for the third place.

You can enter the Samsung IQ 2009 competition and read more about it if you visit its official website. Note that you must be a member of Samsung Mobile Innovator to participate – if you’re not, you can join via the same website.

Via UV