U.S. Cellular launches LG AX840 Tritan touchscreen slider phone

5:46 AM Edited by Blony

The LG AX840 Tritan QWERTY touchscreen slider phone is now available from U.S. Cellular. This 3G device features a 3 megapixel camera, stereo Bluetooth for hands-free headsets, and a 3.0-inch touchscreen display.

For users on-the-go, the Tritan includes a GPS chipset to help prevent them from getting lost. A 950mAh battery will keep the screen powered and the user connected throughout the day. The Tritan also includes standard features like a speakerphone, voice command, calendar, and alarm clock.

U.S. Cellular's LG AX840 Tritan is available now for $99.95 after a two-year agreement and a mail-in rebate.

Via Mobileburn