Samsung Announces 4 Low-End Models; The World Yawns

6:01 AM Edited by Blony

. Picking a rather unusual day to announce new phones, Samsung officially came out with four low-to-mid-range handsets to balance out the recent emphasis the company has had on smartphones (Samsung Jet, for instance).

All of these phones we’ve seen before, either at trade shows or through leaked live pics. The S6700 and C5510 are two sliders; we’ve also seen the Samsung M2310 and the Samsung M2510.

Please feel free to check out the above links for detailed pics and information on each announced phone, but let’s recap and go over what we know about them.

Samsung M2310

Music oriented, much like BeatDJ.

* Slider
* GPRS/EDGE – No 3G connectivity announced yet
* 3.5 mm headphone jack
* Bluetooth
* FM Radio
* “Mobile Tracker” which tracks down the phone if lost/stolen
* 2 MP camera
* MicroSD
* Accelerometer

Samsung M2510

The M2510 comes with dedicated music keys, a small alphanumeric keypad and a 2.2 inch QVGA display. Also, it has MP3 player, FM radio, Bluetooth, USB and 1.3 MP camera. It will not have 3G connectivity.

Samsung S6700

* Quad-band GSM connectivity
* Bluetooth 2.1
* FM radio with RDS
* 3.2MP camera
* 120MB of internal memory
* MicroSDHC card support

Samsung C5510

The C5510 has a 2.2 inch screen with resolution of 240 x 320 pixels and can support as much as 16GB in added memory with its microSD slot, and offers a 2MP fixed-focus camera.

The C5510 also offers:

* Quad-band GSM connectivity
* Music player
* FM radio with RDS

So, not much in the shocker category, but these could be some great phones to consider if you’re not in the market for a smartphone. No word on pricing or availability yet, but we assume sometime later this summer.

via PhoneScoop