HTC Hero goes incognito onto T-Mobile as the G1 Touch

6:14 AM Edited by Blony

A couple of days ago, I ran a blog post about the upcoming T-Mobile G1 Touch, during which, I commented on the rumours that it might end up being either an HTC Magic, or a Huawei U8230. Refreshingly, and yet annoyingly, I was wrong on both counts, because the G1 Touch has now been unveiled, and it ain’t either o’ those two.

Nope, according to Pocket Lint, the G1 Touch is officially the HTC Hero with a new, exclusive black body.

Now, I won’t go on about the details of the phone again, since I did all that in the HTC Hero posts I’ve done, and the T-Mobile G1 Touch is, except for the branding, exactly the same phone. There is one point, though, that I think needs making, and this applies to the Orange version of the HTC Hero, as well.

Seriously, just look at the size of its chin! Jimmy Hill, or what (or, for any American readers, “Jay Leno or what”)!

And yet… here’s the strange thing. I don’t know if it’s just because it’s been the biggest thing in mobiles this week, and hence has got so much press coverage… or maybe I’m just feeling a bit weird, today… but the chin is actually starting to grow on me. I am starting to like the chin. It’s a manly chin, like Kirk Douglas.

Via mobileshop