PhoneSpy or How to Remotely Tap Someone

6:26 AM Edited by Blony

Anyone jealous? PhoneSpy (but the name will change as the software evolves) is a free application from XDA Developers that will allow you to activate remote tap on someone through their Windows Mobile 5 Professional and above devices.

Download the zip and extract it to Device\Windows\Startup (or anywhere, just place a shortcut to it in Device\Windows\Startup) so that it autostarts with the Operating System. From there on it will stay memory resident and "listen" to incoming Text Messages. The moment it receives the "chetstriker" text, it will automatically call back the number it received the message from and it will activate the speakerphone so the other party listens in. The received text message is not stored on the device so the author says it leaves no trace or evidence.


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