Duet D888 – a dual SIM handset by National Geographic

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If you happen to pick holiday destinations on the pages of National Geographic, you better make sure you´ve got a cell phone that will serve you well. The Duet D888, introduced by Cellular Abroad and National Geographic looks up to the task indeed. The device utilizes two SIM cards simultaneously, but is, unfortunately, a tri-band GSM (900 / 1800/ 1900 MHz) only, meaning it´s not entirely usable in America.

Cellular Abroad offers the Duet D888 for $199 along with a prepaid National Geographic Travel SIM that provides low rates with 185 countries, free incoming calls in more than 90 and 30 free outgoing minutes in most of them. The SIM card itself is assigned a British number and costs $79 if ordered separately (and not along with the handset). The other slot can be used to plug in a local SIM from the country you are in, so as to get even more cheap minutes.

The National Geographic handset is eqipped with 2.8-inch QVGA screen, 2-megapixel camera, built-in mobile TV receiver, FM radio that requires you to plug in the earphones and 1GB microSD expansion card that comes boxed with the device. Its specs remind us of Chinese-made dual-SIM cell phones. Unlike them, the Duet D888 is FCC approved and comes preloaded with a number of National Geographic ringtones, pictures and videos relating to travels around the world.

Well, where are you next leaving for?

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  1. Beyond E-Tech Duet D888 said...

    The Duet D888 is able to take 2 sim cards, design-wise, it very simple and looks outdated. Its fun to listen FM radio with built in antenna. The call quality is good. The battery life is quite satisfying. Overall the multimedia features are not very impressive and camera quality is also not good. Its better to buy two phones instead of this option.