Xobni goes to Blackberrys

8:53 AM Edited by Blony

. Xobni has long been the best way to organize your Outlook, analyze your email for attention problems and interesting statistics, to synchronize your Outlook contacts with the LinkedIn, Yahoo, Skype and Facebook, and to search very agile. I recently received a multimillion dollar investment and began to emerge as the first social network activity based on your email.

Now he wants to leave the desktop and the Microsoft platform at the same time, the BlackBerry comes to give the same solution to the millions of BlackBerry users of corporate mail. For now is only a good catch of a fuzzy search and more features, but do not know details or when available.

Excluding that Xobni BlackBerry achieved in the same interaction that succeeded on the desktop of millions of users (and remember to have used a lot to amaze me with the usage statistics), so expect news and BlackBerry users will have a very interesting application to use .

Via TechCrunch