Inside Blackberry, the Blackberry's official blog

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. We now have a new way to keep the news from around the ads and want to give us suggestions RIM officially on BlackBerry, just as it launched its own blog, Inside BlackBerry.

One of the first entries of the new blog is an excellent tutorial on a RIM employee on the first 5 things you usually do when you receive a new BlackBerry and the other on the steps to perform an upgrade of the BlackBerry.

I liked what the font change, many newbies are complaining that the BB has a small screen and it does not like to read much into it, but the power user, in this case also employed by RIM, like a fountain smaller than the one that comes by default.

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  1. Vinay Rai said...

    Thank you, I own a Blackberry and the official blog will be of great help to me now and in the future.