Update to Windows Mobile 6.5: what models?

5:12 AM Edited by Blony

. The question dell'update Windows Mobile 6.5 had been cleared long ago by Microsoft that, in practice, leaving the freedom of choice to producers. This move, however, does not benefit consumers, forced to suffer the decisions of the various producers who, according to the policies, prefer to provide the update only for the most sold models do not provide it or even to push a new model.

To move a little better we mirror what models have been confirmed for the ROM with Windows Mobile 6.5

HTC: The first news we had, will provide an update for 2 Diamond and Touch Pro 2. Regarding the Touch HD still does not know anything.

Toshiba: Toshiba is the only site update for TG01

Acer: Acer is known about who will be only four smartphones dall'upgrade interested but do not know which.

LG: provide an update for the GM730 (phone still in the pipeline for the official announcement in mid-2009) and LG HQ (also arriving for the summer).

Samsung has just announced the update for the Samsung Jack.

via wmexperts