Sharp Aquos 933SH Shot camera with 10 Megapixel Camera

7:24 AM Edited by Blony

. Sharp Aquos 933SH Shot: How to put a camera CCD sensor with 10 megapixels, LED flash and sensitivity up to ISO 12800 in a cell. All this and much more in a clamshell device with 3.3-inch display swivel touchscreen and VGA resolution.

There are also the classics and HSDPA bluetooth and almost classical photographic functions as auto focus and automatic selection of the scenes. The Shot Aquos 933SH will be available in Japan soon, but if you are interested in this model (apart from that the camera has the particularity of being one of the few phones to have a touchscreen in a case a shell) you can start to inform you about 'import and the possibility to load a firmware, at least in English.

via slashphone