Texting Trashed Our Teens!

8:26 PM Edited by Blony

The latest installment in the “Modern Technology Causes Everything Bad” saga comes from the New York Times, where an article describes mobile phones in a tone somewhere between invading aliens and the omnipresent evil from a Stephen King novel. Texting is being blamed for everything from depression to poor grades, because there’s absolutely no other reason teenagers would suddenly start acting differently.

The article describes baffled parents absolutely unable to deal with these mobile phones. After all, these parents only bought the phones, paid for the contract, and inherited the duty of actually raising the children. One brave parent in the story took the bold stand of limiting her daughter to five thousand texts a month (we wrote that in words so you’d know it wasn’t a typo). Five thousand a month! That’s not a limit, that’s a syndrome!

But what is a parent to do? Other than, you know. Parent.

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