Telcel and BlackBerry officialize the channel BlackBerry

7:32 AM Edited by Blony

. A few months ago we said it was likely that the TV channel in Spanish Blackberrys for users with special video tutorials to see from the mobile group was produced by America Movil, but there was nothing to indicate it specifically. It is now known, officially, that Telcel BlackBerry and were working together on this project and are promoting it as a whole.

Before you could access where there was no logo or anything related to the operator (but will only show settings for Telcel in Mexico). Now it is openly reported. The site or / blackberry redirected to and clearly shows the logo of Telcel, with the same content and settings as before, plus a few promotions.

It has very nice tutorials, such as how to transfer files from the blackberry to the PC or configure email accounts on the blackberry or blackberry use as a modem. All in Spanish and very complete.