SW update service from Sony Ericsson, updated

7:26 AM Edited by Blony

. This week we saw as the manufacturers of smartphones are a step back from the communities in the updated software from their phones. And while we had clarified that it was not the case of Nokia, had not spoken to Sony Ericsson. Well, today is the software update from Sony Ericsson which is responsible for keeping up to date firmware for your computers (aka SEUS) to version

Remember that unlike other services, this update is not done via OTA (for carrier networks), but it is by connecting the phone to the PC. This approach seems much more useful and would avoid some problems, as in recent cases.

One detail that caught my attention is the possibility to upgrade the firmware of the bluetooth headsets, such as the MD400 is observed on the right of the picture above.

I wish all manufacturers come to realize that this is a great way for loyal customers and a very good value proposition for their teams.