Nokia 6750 appeared Mural

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The FCC has just made public the documents that would Mural Nokia 6750 coming to the United States carrier to AT & T.

As we see in the pictures is a Clamshell quite simple in its design that does not draw attention (not the paste can not always: P), beyond the external keys dedicated to music and that style of mirror casing, and although it was a device to reinforce the low end of the Finns in Northern America, would support the 850/1900 3G networks of the operator.

Regarding the specifications, the 6750 will have Bluetooth, microSD card slot, camera and video recording services medianet and Video Share, AT & T.

Among other things (like price), it is still unclear whether it will be a device with Symbian S40 or if the Nokia 6650, another similar Clamshell, will S60.

Via phonescoop


  1. Sheri Fresonke Harper said...

    The design looks sleek and classy,
    nice :) Sheri