LiveScreen phone, mobile screen saver with no intrusive advertising

6:48 AM Edited by Blony

. Movistar Argentina, Telefónica group, has announced it will launch in the coming months, a service called LiveScreen allowing users to send certain non-intrusive advertising while the phone is not being used. In this way, and with a new SIM, the classic model of each screen saver is replaced by an image or a small notice advertising, which reaches to the terminal via the push and without user intervention.

According to Ronald Uthurralt, director of Telefónica Group's strategy, the solution of the news portal Terra sent to all users who wish to receive news, then it will be opt-in. The basic service is free for those users and will only be charged for the extension of the news.

LiveScreen Telefonica also said that "it is a great opportunity for advertisers because it allows you to segment by age, sex, area of residence, consumption rates, etc, and gives you interactivity with the receiver, which has no traditional advertising." A good summary of the functionality of this service to advertisers can be viewed on its website.

The system was tested on 5,000 users of the town of Mar del Plata in Argentina, and after one month of receiving advertising on a music channel and a major sponsor, 82% of users kept the service, which generates very Good group expectations and advertisers.